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Kuramae is conveniently located near Asakusa, a downtown where you can feel the nostalgic vibe of Tokyo. It is only one stop away on the subway or a pleasant stroll along the Sumida River.

Kuramae was home to numerous warehouses which have been renovated into fashionable buildings such as cafes and general stores. So, that is called "Tokyo’s Brooklyn" because it resembles the atmosphere of Brooklyn, New York.

Excellent direct access from Narita Airport / Haneda Airport to Kuramae!

The number of tourists has been increasing rapidly in recent years because you can go sightseeing in Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara and Ryogoku.

Take a leisurely stroll in Kuramae for sightseeing and please discover something new by your own style.



Room size: approximately 12.3㎡
Bed width: 100cm × 1
Occupancy: 1 people


Room size: approximately 12.9㎡
Bed width: 120cm × 1
Occupancy: 1-2 people


Room size: approximately 11.6-12.7㎡
Bed width: 140cm × 1
Occupancy: 1-2 people


Room size: approximately 12.4-12.8㎡
Bed width: 90cm × 2
Occupancy: 1-2 people


Room size: approximately 16.3㎡
Bed width: 90cm × 2 + Sofa bed
Occupancy: 1-3 people


Room size: approximately 24.5㎡
Bed width: 90cm × 2 + Sofa bed
Occupancy: 1-3 people

* This is universal design room.
Also, it is accessible for wheelchair.


Room size: approximately 25.3㎡
Bed width: 90cm × 2 + Japanese futon × 2
Occupancy: 1-4 people

Check-in 3:00 pm
Check-out 10:00 am

*It may change a time depending on a type of accommodation package.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel including electronic cigarettes (vape).


High quality bedding for a good night’s sleep.

We use long-established pocket coil mattress bed.
Our award-winnin g duvet-style comforters are hypoallergenic.

Advance request will be required for futon service.(To be charged)


  • elevator

    Interior locks and elevators are operated by your room’s keycard. Outsider access to guest floors is controlled.

  • Wi-Fi

    We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel.

  • front

    The reception desk offers a full range of services. You’ll also find drink and other vending machines.

  • amenities

    We provide a full set of helpful amenities including hair dryers, shampoo, towels, razors, nightgowns, etc.


Access Image

Directly link from Exit A3 of Kuramae Station (Toei Asakusa Line)
5-minute walk from A6 exit of Kuramae Station (Toei Oedo Line)
9-minute walk from east exit of Asakusabashi Station (JR Sobu Line)

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (Keikyu Line) = (Limited Express(KAITOKU)) = 35-minutes
Narita Airport Terminal 1 (Keisei Line)=(Access Express) = 54-minutes

The above time schedule is based normal daytime. It will be changed depending on the time of day. Also, it is not included transfer time and waiting time.

3-1-1 Kuramae, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0051
TEL : 03-5809-3101 
FAX : 03-5809-2220